June 20, 2024 : The Investiture Ceremony at St. Ann's PU College marked a significant and auspicious beginning of the academic year.

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome by the anchors, Sakshi and Thabsheera.The event was described as a momentous occasion, symbolizing the start of a new chapter in leadership and academic pursuits.

The newly appointed cabinet members marched in, escorting the Principal, Vice Principal, and the Chief Guest -Dr Sr Jeswina AC, former principal of St Agnes Autonomous College. This procession was a testament to the enthusiasm and readiness of the new leaders.

In a symbolic gesture, the lamp of knowledge and wisdom was lit by the Chief Guest, the Principal, Vice Principal, Cabinet In-charge, and the College Student Leaders. This act represented the dispelling of ignorance and the pursuit of enlightenment.

The ceremony included a heartfelt prayer service, led by students, invoking blessings and fostering a spirit of unity and positivity. Ms Amritha Devadiga (lecturer in mathematics) formally introduced and welcomed the chief guest and the principal extended a 'green welcome' to her, emphasizing environmental consciousness and hospitality. This was followed by a welcome dance, beautifully performed to express joy and respect for the guests.

A PowerPoint presentation introducing the student council, along with their portfolios was presented acquainting the audience with their college leaders.

Ms Jolita Lobo (lecturer in physics) led the formal proceedings. She emphasized the significance of leadership, their roles and responsibilities. The cabinets were adorned with badges and the college flag was handed over to the college student leaders by the chief guest, symbolizing their commitment to their duties.

The Principal led the oath-taking ceremony, wherein the student leaders pledged to uphold the values and principles of the college. This solemn moment underscored their dedication to their roles and responsibilities.

The designated portfolios for each cabinet member was announced, and the members signed the official cabinet register, signifying their acceptance of their new roles.

The Chief Guest delivered an inspiring speech, sharing wisdom and guidance with the student leaders. Her words resonated with the audience, encouraging them to strive for excellence.

The mood was lightened with an entertaining dance performance by the students, showcasing their talent and adding a joyful touch to the ceremony.

Joel delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the event.

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